Your new wardrobe superhero has arrived!

What if we told you there’s one piece of clothing that makes you feel like a superhero, fits like a second skin and is endlessly versatile? Buckle up, because So.Me bodysuits are about to rock your summer.

Comfortable, adaptable, flattering – a bodysuit is a can-do-it-all staple to add to your wardrobe. To make it even more special, we’ve been co-creating it together with the So.Me community: we’ve read every comment and considered each request.

So.Me is designed with your goals in mind and crafted from sustainable European textiles.

At once versatile and unique, our lingerie and bodysuits add a new layer of comfort and confidence to your everyday as well as special occasions.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Just discovered So.Me for myself. It’s great to finally have a brand that has both beautiful and sustainable underwear. I’m in love.
— Katerina
Customer reviews
A great curated selection of sustainable underwear. I love that I can do something for the planet even when buying beautiful underwear
— Anna
Customer reviews
So.Me is the company we've all been looking for-- ethical from the inside out without sacrificing our life savings or buying something we don't really love.
— Chanel