Your lingerie deserves love and care. Taking good care of your favourite pieces means that you get to enjoy them looking better and trust them to last longer. 

Besides that, a good care routine will also ensure that you do your part for the planet by making sure you don’t over consume by getting rid of your bras and underwear and just buying more. Is that not a dream win-win situation!

So whilst buying from sustainable and ethical brands is a step to the right direction, the best way you can contribute to reducing fashion waste is by ensuring you use the pieces you own as long as possible - and that also includes lingerie.

So here are five tips on how to take good care of the pieces that take good care of you.

Don’t Overwash Your Bras

Yes, you should change underwear after a day, but bras can be worn for longer, as there aren’t as grave hygiene concerns as there are with panties. You should wash your bras after three to four wears or say two to three days. 

Of course, there are exceptions, like going for a run or wearing it outdoors on a particularly warm day. If you sweat in your bra excessively, you can wash it after just one wear. 

Rotate Your Bras and Panties

When you find a bra or pair of panties that you absolutely love wearing for any reason, make sure to buy multiples of them. Don’t just wash it continuously, and wear it again and again, as it will wear out in just a matter of weeks. 

Make sure that you have a suitable number of bras, panties, briefs, or any other kind of lingerie you prefer, to rotate them in such a way that they don’t need to be washed so often. Washing can and will take a toll on them. 

Don’t Dry in a Dryer

Those tiny panties can easily air dry on a clothesline or even on a chair indoors. You don’t need to toss your lingerie into the dryer. Tumbling in the dryer can damage these undergarments, especially the delicates made out of lace or silk. The bra’s hardware, like underwires or hooks, can also get damaged in the process. 

Plus, it’s environmentally-friendly and will help to reduce energy waste (and so your electricity cost) to air dry your clothes when you can. 

Use Gentle Detergent

Most of the time, your lingerie only has sweat from your body. It’s not that dirty and does not have to be washed with strong detergents or soaps. 

Make sure to use a very small quantity of mild detergent. There are even special detergents for lingerie that you consider - and we suggest opting in for an eco-friendly option too.

Fold Carefully

It is such a shame when a good bra ends up all wrinkled after some time in the drawyer. To avoid that, make sure you’re folding the moulded bras correctly and not putting anything heavier on them. Also, you can stack them on one another when storing them in the closet. 

The same goes for your underwear. Fold them nicely to ensure they don’t get creases. 

With just a little more attention to detail, you can ensure that your lingerie lasts longer and you get your money’s worth whilst also doing your part for the environment. 


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January 25, 2022 — Olena Sychenko