There are so many things to consider when buying a new piece of clothing - and buying underwear can often be the most complicated choice of them all. 

Sizing alone is a big challenge for many women, as they are often not sure which underwear size and cut they should choose - let alone thinking about other factors, such as quality, durability and, of course, sustainability. 

 So, are there any golden rules for choosing the right underwear for every woman? Every body and every preference is different but we compiled a few things to get you started.

Know What’s Out There

When it comes to women’s lingerie, the choice is not just between the tiniest strings or the boy shorts. There are so many different kinds of underwear you can choose from. 

Aside from the commonly worn panties, there are briefs, bikini panties, hipster, french cut, thongs, G-string, and compressors. Although some types like panties, bikini panties, or french cut are not that different from each other, every type has its unique benefits. 

For instance, for working out and sportsbriefs or hipsters can be a great choice. Seamless underwear can be a good choice to wear under yoga pants, so there are no visible panty lines. And compressors are a different category altogether as they are used for body shaping purposes.


Pay Attention to Fabric

We all want to choose pretty underwear but if it’s not functional and comfortable, you may come to regret the choice pretty quickly. For the most part, comfort is determined by the fabric used in the construction of the underwear. So it’s imperative that you pay attention to the materials and seaming on the product. 

Fortunately, most underwear fabrics like cotton, silk, TENCEL, or polyester are pretty comfortable. One thing to keep in mind is that besides being nice on the eye, the materials should also be good for the environment. 

Breathability is Key

Whether it’s the type of underwear or the fabric, make breathability your priority. This is all the more important for underwear you’ll wear to work, gym, or when just going out. 

This will ensure that moisture doesn’t get trapped in and there’s no room for bacteria to thrive. It will also ensure that you don’t chafe. 


Consider Your Body Type

This is a no brainer but different body types may have different needs and feel comfortable in different types of garments. Don’t go for what’s in trend but consider what actually feels natural and good for you.

For example, curvier women may have a preference for a high-waist underwear and bras with underwires as they provide ample support and more coverage, whilst more petite ladies may opt in for bralettes and soft bras. 


Go for Quality

If you’re buying quality clothes but going for cheap underwear, it may be time to reconsider. While underwear is not as obvious and can only be seen in private, a good quality item will ensure that your lingerie will last you a while - which will save you a buck in the long-run and will look great on you everyday!

Choosing underwear that’s right for you is definitely a personal journey - and So.Me is here to help. Head over to our Size Guide for elaborate videos and explanations on how to choose the right size for you and do not forget to check out our lovely range in our Shop.



January 19, 2022 — Olena Sychenko