Sustainable and  sexy underwear for every occasion


Our underwear drawers are always filled with all different kinds of garments, each different in style and in purpose. They are just that special thing that keeps every woman feeling ready for whatever the day brings. Even though hidden under the clothes we wear, lingerie and underwear are an irreplaceable part of our dressing routine.


No matter the type and the style of underwear you prefer, there is a bigger question that was on everyone’s agenda recently and it refers to the materials that these undergarments are made of. Is our underwear sustainable or not? 

The fashion industry has been experiencing a huge reformation in terms of becoming more sustainable, first and foremost because of the enormous pollution that this industry imposed on the planet. From the choice of materials, through the production processes in the factories and even the choices in packaging and logistics, the new and reshaped fashion industry has been all about being more eco-friendly and green. And the underwear department has also taken a step in this direction. Providing sustainable and ethical underwear is a big contribution to reaching the final goal, which is keeping the planet and the environment as clean and as safe as possible.


Sustainability in production, especially in the fashion industry, is very important nowadays. As an industry, all the parts from concept creation to the final product involve certain practices that are directly affecting and potentially polluting the planet. Not using natural fibers and materials is harmful not only for people but also for the animals. Chemical processing and dying of the garments, whereas factories are releasing the water and other liquids into seas and oceans greatly endanger sea life. Production waste and unused raw materials end up in landfills, polluting forests and waters. CO2 emission from the manufacturing plants pollutes the air. These are just some of the problems that the fashion industry has to own up to. With a more sustainable approach, all of this can be managed if not solved, creating safe fashion garments and keeping the planet clean, and the animals safe.

When it comes to underwear brands, the trends of switching to sustainability practises came fast. Whilst some decided to incorporate sustainable lines in their collections or other companies started as entirely sustainable-founded, the eco focus is showing some positive results. Just like other responsible new brands out there, So.Me was founded with a vision and mission to improve the intimates with environmentally-friendly materials and ethical practises, by using natural fibres and recycled fabrics, green logistics and equal employment practises.


As an underwear brand, So.Me recognizes the need and the importance of being sustainable. We also recognize the need for women to have chic, elegant, and stylish lingerie and underwear that will be made from quality materials, last for a long time, and be sustainable. Finding the right underwear can be a complicated thing. Finding the right fit, the right size, being sustainable, and not compromising on fashion is even more challenging but this is what So.Me aims for.

Founded as an ethical, empowering, and elegant underwear brand, So.Me creates ethical and sustainable lingerie and underwear that allows any woman to feel great in the very role they take, without compromising on comfort, ethics, or style. With that as part of the vision and the mission of the brand, So.Me believes that the beauty begins underneath, through your sustainable underwear and ethical lingerie.


Lead by the ground and founding pillars of sustainability, So.Me is dedicated to maintaining and upkeeping the sustainability values while incorporating some major and current practices, imposed by modern-day life and society. Here is how we see the sustainability, diversity, and inclusively, through the eyes of the underwear and lingerie:


For women, by women

So.Me was founded as a small women-led and business-minded team in Berlin. Its’ inspiration and goal is to put women first by creating successful and sustainable businesses through offering excellent quality and socially responsible philosophy. When women help women, there is an entirely new horizon of things happening. In the underwear department, there is no better help and support you will get than through working with women and communities, and identifying the needs and the market demand.


By incorporating the sustainable fashion practises, So.Me offers:

Versatility in underwear

Sustainable underwear does not have to be boring. So.Me designs and creates pieces and garments that will cater to the unique styles and needs of one modern woman.


The key is in the fit

Paying special attention to the fit, So.Me encourages women to wear the right sizes. Wearing one bra at a time might seem small but it is a huge contribution to the brand's sustainability dedication.


Sustainability from beginning to the end

Sustainability is the foundation upon which the brand was built. Using sustainable materials, ethical resources, approaches, recyclable packaging, and green distribution models, our mission is to be as eco-first as possible. 


Fashion does not have to suffer in terms of sustainability. That is why So.Me aims to offer modern, stylish, sexy, and colorful sustainable underwear, whilst providing best quality and being a part of the revolution in the fashion industry. 

January 31, 2022 — Olena Sychenko