Shipping & Returns

Does So.Me ship globally?

Yes, we’re offering a worldwide shipping :)

How much is shipping?

Germany - delivery within 1-4 working days. Cost: ca. 4 EUR (calculated at checkout)
The rest of EU - delivery within 2-5 working days. Cost: ca. 13 EUR (calculated at checkout) 
Rest of the world - delivery within 4-7 working days. Cost: 15-36 EUR (calculated at checkout)

What is your return policy?

You can learn about our returns & exchanges policy here.


What is So.Me underwear made of?

We use only sustainable materials such as organic cotton, eco-friendly wood pulp fibre TENCEL™, recycled elastane, and nylon. Our silk and lace pieces are crafted with upcycled deadstock materials from European factories. Find out more here.

How should I care for my So.Me underwear?

To keep your underwear looking as good as you, hand wash them separately, do not wring, and let them air dry rather than use a tumble dryer. Try washing them in cold water to keep the colours fresh. Big bonus: it’s an easy way to reduce carbon emissions. Read more in our Care Guide.

Will So.Me fit my body type?

Inclusivity is super important to us and we’re working to expand to an even wider range of sizes in the future. If you have any feedback about the fit of our currently offered sizes or ideas on how we can make the best product for you, please send us an email at contact@store-so.me.

When is your next product launching?

Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know ;)


How is So.Me sustainable?

Sustainability is a complex but fascinating topic. We believe that every person and company should define what sustainability means to them and how they can use it to guide all their decisions. At So.Me, we take pride in using sustainable and deadstock fabrics, support fair working conditions and try to minimise our carbon footprint by using less packaging and greener shipping methods. If you want to learn more, check out our Sustainability page.

Where is So.Me underwear made?

The future of underwear lies in sustainable fabrics. That’s why we use 5 main material components in our designs. You can find out more about the fabrics, certifications and our supply chain here.

What is your packaging made of?

So.Me product tags, boxes and wrapping paper are all made from recycled materials. Your purchases are also delivered in biodegradable mailbags that are kinder to the environment and look cute, too!

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