Choosing comfort and beauty should always be the right choice. So.Me is built on a belief that it’s possible to make a shift towards more sustainable production and conscious consumption. And it can begin with beautiful underwear.

Being 100% sustainable is a goal but very rarely a reality. That’s why we believe that every person and company should define what sustainability means for them and how they can use it to guide all their decisions.

here's how we do it:


We want to make sure that all So.Me underwear is equally beautiful and ethical. That’s why we use only sustainable materials such as organic cotton, eco-friendly wood pulp fibre TENCEL™, recycled elastane, and nylon. Our silk pieces are crafted with upcycled deadstock materials from European factories and the lace is from recycled polyester and elastane.


We partner with producers that value human rights, offer fair pay and nurture positive corporate culture. 


So.Me product tags, boxes and wrapping paper are all made from recycled materials. Your purchases are also delivered in biodegradable mailbags that are kinder to the environment and look cute, too!


When it comes to global CO2 emissions, shipping and logistics are some of the biggest culprits. That’s why we try our best to send your order in as little packaging as possible. To further reduce our footprint we also choose green shipping options, such as DHL GoGreen in Germany.